Curator Vova Perkin

"Watering Star" Sun 0/8

The star and its hardworking workers Last people have colonized our planet long time ago. Timely watering, clipping tips and keeping for Bananias, Lamp debt to the solar system.

"The Mystery of the Lamp People" Mercury 1/8

The native planet of the Lamp people, their cities are located under the upper crust of the planet, from where the energy of these hard workers will not go into the void and infinity of space.

"Venus Baths Venus" 2/8

It’s worth a lot to swim here, the watermelon caterpillars will not let everyone near the charms of Venus and its fountain of youth, millions of pores of your body will whisper to you thanks when you get here!

“Fruit ice floating freely” Earth 3/8

Stunning fruit - ice cocktail of beauties and sewage. This time, from the light of the ray of the intergalactic commission, even the deepest hole, the Mariana Trench, will not be hidden.

"Interplanetary Internet" Mars 4/8

Mars is colonized! Actively receives radio signals with people on board, the future is amazing, praise to Scientists and the Internet!

"Garage cooperative" Zapykhtelsya "" Jupiter 5/8

Jupiter is the main parking lot of the solar system, whom and where you just can’t meet, but what beautiful and graceful lines of the sides of the ships!

"Aftepathy Gagarin Party" Saturn 6/8

Grand Intergalactic Party, the main show of the Solar System! Here you will hear how space sounds! Your body will dissolve on the rings of Saturn and you say to yourself "I want to dance!"

Headliner is Techno Nano Mantis and his brilliant team “Notre Utopie”.

"Suzdal of the Future Uranus" 7/8

Cucumber House - Suzdal of the future!

With this motto, the cultural exchange of Uranus and Suzdal began.

"Deception of the Valkyries" Neptune 8/8

Smuggling crystals on such an ice giant is a dangerous business. No one knows how many adventurers were thrown here by their accomplices