14.12.2019 - 01.02.2020

Curator: Vova Perkin

Andrey Bartenev, Sergey Borisov, Victor Goppe, Gene Zhuk, Dima Makonda, Maratka,

Vova Perkin, Lisa Plaksa, Dima Rae, Seryozha Fili


The ART4 Museum presents the PERKINNALE - a group project created by the initiative of the

young artist Vova Perkin. Perkin is known for his vivid paintings, which ART4 already presented

at the artist personal exhibition, as well as at the COSMOSCOW contemporary art fair in 2018

and 2019.

This time, Perkin invited his colleagues from different generations to participate in the project,

filling all halls of the Museum with works in a single concept that allows the viewer to see the

colors of the world around him through the eyes of a baby who was born directly in the gardens

of Nikola Tesla. The space of ART4 will be divided into four pavilions - “Perfect Injection”,

“Natural Pollen-Gifts and Mushrooms”, “Tent of Ugara” and “Grand Hotel“ Marzhdanin ”, and

patrons will be the heroes of Perkinist mythology - Petrushka, Confectioner Pablo, Banana

Deputy and Agent .

“Perfect Injection” is an author’s formula developed by the curator of the pavilion Oslik Bou,

combining “brightness, scale, folly and ugar” in the paintings of Gena Zhuk, Dima Makonda,

Vova Perkin and Seryozha Fili.

In the pavilion of the Grand Hotel Marzhdanin, photographer Sergey Borisov, together with the

artist Vova Perkin, will present for the first time a series of works that will tell and show thirty-six

hotel rooms and their guests from parallel worlds.

The works of the artist Andrei Bartenev will share the pavilion “Natural Gifts-Pollen and

Mushrooms” with the debutants of “Perkinism” Lisa Plaksa and Dima Rae, which will present

graphics, paintings, embroidery, ceramics and Victor Goppe sculptures.

The program of the pavilion “Tent of Ugar” will become surprise for visitors to the exhibition and

is kept secret. The main slogan of this part of the exposition: “You may lose your face in ugar”.

Perkinnale is the world of the future, arising from the sexual and emotional connection of man

and machine, the exchange of human fuel Ugar and Folly for machine-serotonin utopia, the

ability to dissolve like a sugar lump in a hot mug of hyper-augmented reality.