Notre Utopie: Yarrow.

29.08.20 - 16.09.2020

Richter (Pyatnitskaya street, 42)

Curator: Vova Perkin

The secret room is full of guests, a thousand gathered, no less! The great dancing beaks of the world Notre Utopie will perform a ballet of colors in the light of spotlights to loud applause from the audience and roll like a whirligig over your eyeballs, the corners of your mouth will rise, because a smile cannot be avoided! CLAP YOUR HANDS AND DANCE! RISE ON YOUR SOCKS, LET YOUR LEG TO THE SIDE AND DO THE SPLITS !!!


The Yarrow - a series of graphic works telling about the Notre Utopie world's population. The future is online-cloud of thousands of worlds created by artists, a utopia for everyone who visits it.

(A5 paper, liner, 1000 copies, edition 25/100).