Zverev Art Prize.

10/19/21 - 11/28/21

CSI Winzavod.

At the beginning of 2021, the AZ Museum announced a competition of art projects for the Anatoly Zverev Prize (Zverev Art Prize). The conditions for submitting and considering applications were extremely democratic. The theme and slogan of the competition was the famous aphorism of the "World of Art" reformulated by A. Zverev in his autobiography: LIFE IS CHALLENGED, ART IS FREE. Projects were expected from applicants, which would reflect creative freedom, creativity, overcoming the limits of stereotypes and platitudes. All these qualities were evaluated by the Expert Council, which included leading gallery owners, critics and teachers of various art institutions (the list of members of the Expert Council is in the appendix).

More than 2 thousand applications from 169 cities of Russia and 32 countries of the world were submitted for the competition. Each of the 7 experts had the opportunity to study in detail any of the applications and secretly vote "for" or "against": those applicants who received the largest number of votes automatically got into the short list. As a result of voting, a list of 50 artists was formed, whose works will now be presented at the final exhibition.

An important condition of the competition was the novelty and originality of the submitted works. Artists were not limited to thematic or specific frames. Not surprisingly, 50 completely different projects made it to the final: from series of paintings and experimental videos to large-scale installations and monumental objects. The curators of the Zverev Art Prize exhibition, Antonio Geusa and Sergey Solovyov, were faced with the task of not only collecting all the competition works in the arena space (many of them were created immediately before the opening day), but also trying to see the internal connections between them to create a coherent exposition. The spatial and design solution was undertaken by a team led by architect Peter Tolpin. This exhibition was conceived not just as a parade of outstanding artists; it is designed to show a characteristic cross-section of contemporary art, the most current trends and phenomena of today's Russian art scene.